Saturday, 27 April 2013

ECtHR case-law weekly brief (11-15 Feb 2013)

Police brutality and lack of effective investigation (violation of 2 and 3 in Eduard Popa v. MLD and violation of 3 in Laszlo Karoly v. HUN and in Gülaydın v. TUR)

Violence by prison guards and lack of effective investigation (violation of 3 in Austrianu v. RO)

Lack of effective investigation into ill-treatment inflicted by Prime Minister’s bodyguards (violation of 3 in Necati Yilmaz v. TUR)

Medical care in detention for persons with special needs (violation of 3 in D.G. v. POL)

Conditions of detention on remand and lack of effective remedy, unlawful detention and breach of correspondence with the representative as well as with the ECtHR (violation of 3 and 13, 5§1, 8 and 34 in Yefimenko v. RU)

Detention pending expulsion and effect on family members (violation of 5§§ 1and 4 and of 8 in Amie and Others v. BGR)

Fairness of proceedings regarding confiscation of items seized during search related to an investigation against the applicant for abuse of office (violation of 6§1 in Krastev v. BGR)

Length of proceedings concerning indirect expropriation (violation of 6§1 in Armando Iannelli v. IT)

Total removal of a father’s right to contact his child on grounds of religious convictions found detrimental to the child’s upbringing (violation of 8 and 14 in Vojnity v. HUN)

Refusal of a request to establish paternity relying on the child’s best interests (no violation of 8 in Krisztian Barnabas Toth v. HUN)

Obligation to pay damages to a hospital director for publishing articles criticising the hospital’s management (violation of 10 in Bugan v. RO)

Claim for compensation dismissed by domestic courts (violation of 1 Prot. 1 in Dzugayeva v. RU)

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