Saturday, 27 April 2013

ECtHR case-law weekly brief (7-13 Jan 2013)

“Agents provocateurs” in drug-related offense proceedings (violation  of 6§1 in Baltins v. LVA)
Proceedings leading to dismissal of Supreme Court judge (violation of 6§1 and 8 in Oleksandr Volkov v. UKR)

 Reasoning of assize court judgments (violation of 6§1 in Agnelet/Fraumens/Oulahcene v. FR and no violation in Legillon/Voica v. FR)
Access to court in appeal proceedings and serving of notice of hearing (violation of 6§1 in S.C. Raisa M. Shipping S.R.L. v. RO)
Care of persons with mental disabilities in prisons (violation of 3 and 5§§1,4 in Claes/Dufoort/Swennen v. BEL)
Lack of medical care and conditions of detention (violation of 3+13 in Reshetniak v. RU)
Medical treatment in detention (violation of 3 for treatment of mental disorders, no violation for treatment of physical disorders in Jashi v. GEO)
Conditions of detention – overcrowding (violation of 3 in Torreggiani and Others v. IT – pilot judgment)
Conditions of transport and of detention in courthouse cells (violation of 3 in Retunscaia v. RO)
Child-parent contact (Qama v. ALB – no violation of 8 and v. IT – inadmissible)
Parental rights and lack of consent and participation in adoption proceedings (violation of 8 in A.K. and L. v CR)
Obligation to reveal religious convictions for oath in court proceedings (violation of 9+13  in Dimitras and others v. GR)
Conviction for copyrights infringement (no violation of 10 in Ashby Donald and others v. FR)
Family allowance for non-resident children (no violation of 14 + 1 Prot. 1 in Efe v. AUT)
Interception by intelligence service of telephone conversations and disclosure of information classified ‘top secret’ (violation of 6,8,10,13 and breach of obligation to collaborate with the Court under Art. 38 in Bucur and Toma v. RO)

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