Thursday, 20 June 2013

EHRA Summer Course: The ECHR in practice / Practica actuala a CEDO

The first summer course in Romanian on the practice of the ECHR organised by EHRA together with the West University of Timisoara and the National Training Institute for Lawyers will be held in Timisoara from 1 to 5 July.

The course aims to provide the participants with an extensive overview of the mechanism as well as on the practical means of protection of the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Convention. 
The course will follow a practical approach in order to best meet the needs of the participants, coupled with thematic interventions on subjects of current interest. 
The target of the course mainly consists of Romanian lawyers who can integrate this program in their professional training curricula under the framework of the National Training Institute for Lawyers, Romania. Students at the Law Faculty of the West University of Timi┼čoara and NGO representatives are also welcome.
The main advantage of this initiative is the possibility for the participants to attend a training event in their own language and adapted to the national context, thus covering their demands in terms of utility of the information provided and the possibility to directly make use of it in their daily work as national practitioners.
You can find more details here.

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