Saturday, 27 April 2013

ECtHR case-law weekly brief (18-22 Mar 2013)

Ill-treatment in high-security prison during clashes with security forces and subsequent ineffective investigation (violation of 3 in Mimtaş v. TUR)

Conditions of detention – overcrowding and poor hygiene (violation of 3 in Blejuşcă v. RO)

Unlawful detention on account of a typing error in an order, unreasonable length of detention due to repeated extensions and unfair proceedings related to lawfulness of detention (violation of 5 §§ 1,3 and 4 in X. Y. v. HUN)

Failure to communicate the opinion of the State Counsel in Supreme Administrative Court proceedings related to assignments of posts for police agents (violation of 6 § 1 in Solakoğlu and Others v. TUR)

The Court’s related press release :

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