Saturday, 27 April 2013

ECtHR case-law weekly brief (25-29 Mar 2013)

Pre-trial detention exceeding the final sentence imposed and lack of enforceable right to compensation (violation of 5 § 1 in Asen Kostov v. BLG and violation of 5 § 1 and 5 § 1 and 5 § 5 in Barborski v. BLG)
Lack of effective investigation into deaths or ill-treatment of anti-communist demonstrators of December 1989 in Timisoara (violations of 2 and 3 in Acatrinei and others and 71 other cases v. ROM)
Inhuman conditions of detention (violation of 3 in Györgypál v. ROM)

Criminal conviction for critising a director of a theatre without the convicted being heard (violation of 6 § 1 and 10 in Niculescu-Dellakeza v. ROM)

Length of pre-trial detention (no violation of 5 § 3 in Luković v. SRB)

Lack of fair trial in restitution proceedings (violation of 6 § 1 in Vrabec and Others v. SLK)

Ill-treatment in police custody and subsequent ineffective investigation of the case; statements made under duress admitted by courts in the criminal trial (no violation of 3 (ill-treatment), violation of 3 (investigation), no violation of 6 § 1 in Coşar v. TUR)

Ill-treatment in police custody and subsequent ineffective investigation of the case (one no violation of 3 and one violation of 3 (ill-treatment), violation of 3 (investigation) in Korobov and Others v. EST)

Libel proceedings against journalists resulting in an order to publish a rectification and to pay damages to the governor (no violation of 10 in Novaya Gazeta and Borodyanskiy v. RUS)

Failure to effectively investigate complaints of domestic violence (violation of 3 in Valiulienė v. LIT)

Removal of Chechen man from Austria to Russia would expose him to risk of ill-treatment (violation of 3 and not necessary to examine under 8 in I.K. v. AU)

Recognition of an international organisation’s jurisdictional immunity (NATO) did not restrict access to a court (dec., complaint under 6 manifestly ill-founded in Chapman v. BEL)

Failure to provide a family with credible information as to what has happened to their child in a hospital (violation of 8 in Zorica Jovanović v. SRB). Given a significant number of other potential applicants, obligation to take measures to give credible answers about missing babies from hospitals and to provide parents with adequate compensation (article 46)

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